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Achieving Balance

True balance is a state of being in which we are aware that our outer (physical) world or environment is a reflection of our inner (mental/emotional/spiritual)world or environment. This being true, we would need to change our inner world before our outer world will change. The next most important question is How do I change my inner world?

First we must look at how we define ourselves and the world we live in.
Life continually reflects back to us what we think and feel about any situation. This,in turn, will show us how we define life. Many of our definitions are given to us by our parents, grandparents, teachers, etc... It is our choice to look into our definitions, conscious or unconscious, and keep the ones that are beneficial for us at the present moment.

When the definitions that are no longer working for us. The key is to shift something in our vibrational alignment. Scientists say that change is the one constant in the universe. If this is true, than we are shifting and changing all the time. This also indicates that if we do not change some of our old definitions, than we may have periods of fear, frustration, depression, etc... When we spend too much time in these vibrations, our body,mind and soul get thrown out of balance.

These emotions are friends in disguise, telling us that some of our definitions are out of vibrational alignment with our true nature. When we become more aware of our feeling state, we can recognize at a faster rate when we are out of balance and make the appropriate shift back into balance. Balance is key to entering a state of health, happiness and the peace that passes all understanding.Dr. Wood looks forward to helping you.

For more information on the concept of balance and how to hold this state contact Dr. Rob at 973-633-1293.