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Dr. Rob Wood is an outstanding Chiropractor and his methods and procedures far surpass those of his contemporaries. I say this because I have used Chiropractors for over ten years and found no one to be as thorough, caring, or qualified as Dr. Rob. So if you want to feel your best, stay healthy and receive great quality care, please go to Dr. Rob Wood. I guarantee a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Mac McCombs

For several years I have been seeing traditional doctors to clear my acne. I would see a dermatologist and he would prescribe an antibiotic; my acne would clear and then I would stop taking the medication. Eventually my skin would break out again and I would have to take a stronger antibiotic. After years of this cycle, I started to look for other methods that would end this instead of just treating it.
The zone healing technique that Dr. Wood uses was just what I needed, balancing out my body through chiropractic care. It’s been seven months and I have not had a break out.

I suffered from years of sinus and allergy problems starting from childhood. As an adult, I did what most do and continued to visit the doctor and take many pills on a daily basis to just feel "normal". After years of endless and unsuccessful doctor's visits and prescriptions to help relieve this problem, I had really had enough! I was looking for a more successful and enduring solution to live a life of health, happiness, and balance.
After meeting Dr. Rob Wood, I realized I was on the right track. By understanding and using the natural laws that govern our body, mind, and soul, I was able to bring positive changes into my life. His professional, personal care and knowledge has helped create an appreciation and relevance in my own life for these practices. I have been able to take the information that I have learned from Dr. Wood and sufficiently incorporate it into my lifestyle to live a better, more peaceful, healthier life. From these changes, I have become happier, more productive, and complete. I have an endless amount of gratitude for Dr. Rob Wood. His care, knowledge, and example have been life altering for me. His ability to share this philosophy has created a life of harmony me. There are no words to ever express my level of appreciation for his help to enable me to live a healthy life!
Julie Bain

I wanted to thank you for your class. It introduced a new way of thinking for me that will help me moving forward in my life. A lot of what you said rang true for me and I related to many of the circumstances you brought up. I have devoted my life to my kids but in doing so have neglected to live my own life. I didn't realize there needed to be a balance in order to have a better sense of well being & health- mental & physical- for myself. I have decided to sign up for your 2 final classes and look forward to them in the coming weeks. Thank you again!

I am writing this as a mother of a 9 year old boy who has struggled since 3 with a verbal processing disorder. After a few months of seeing Dr. Wood, my son's grades started to improve. He started to get 100% on his spelling tests that before he would refuse to take. As he got more confident, all his other grades started to improve. We continued to go to Dr. Wood and my son was improving without medication. Now, my son has been moved out of his special education class and in the 4th grade mainstreamed class. He is currently not on any medication and just last week received a 96 on a science test that before seeing Dr. Wood he would have never even attempted to try and take!!!

Having had no prior personal experience with chiropractic care, I was referred to Dr. Wood by my trainer who suggested that chiropractic adjustments may have a beneficial impact on my developing, chronic neck pain which had been increasing in intensity over the last several months. Upon visiting with Dr. Wood from the very first time to the present, I came to realize that these adjustments were not just physical in nature, but was also quite spiritually profound. At my initial visit, I immediately sensed professional confidence and self-assurance in the way Dr. Wood used his hands and in the ways that "zone" healing really comes full circle, if you allow yourself to have an open mind and permit your body to do what it needs to do in order mend itself. Not only is Dr. Wood truly gifted at the art of chiropractic and in explaining zone healings limitless benefits as a modality for better balanced health, but he is also a well-educated, passionate teacher who enjoys getting to know the patient while on their journey to feeling as good as they can. I will always be grateful for his continued assistance.
Laura S.