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How can Zone Healing help ?

Your commitment to the process is a critical factor in our success. Below you'll find important information as to how Zone Healing can help you achieve exceptional health.


Leading researchers over the past several decades have concluded that as much as 80-90% of all disease in the United States is just the different manifestations of the same problem.

Normally the 6 brain centers send information or programs to 6 health Zones of the body. If there is a strong physical trauma, mental/emotional shock, or chemical shock, it creates a disturbance in 1 or more of the systems of the body. The corresponding shock causes specific vertebra to interfere with the nerves carrying the signals from the brain, also known as a subluxation. This causes "Stress Interference" in the whole ZONE, not just one part of it. This nerve interference tends to lower the body's natural resistance to stress and disease. This can also produce pain, disease, numbness, tingling, and a host of abnormal function in the body.


When you encounter stress, everything becomes agitated as your brain begins running what we call the "Fight or Flight" response. None of the systems are able to effectively balance the functions that they control in this state. An even bigger problem occurs when we encounter stressful situations for prolonged periods of time and the brain learns to run this response automatically, even when there is no stressor at that moment. We call this cycle the Stress Interference Cycle, and when this happens we begin to see all these chronic diseases emerge.

We know that by the law the mind affects the body. During fits of anger, fear, worry, etc. every function of the body operates in an extravagant fashion, and all bodily work is performed in a most wasteful manner. The moment you experience a destructive emotion your blood pressure changes, muscles tighten, your heart rate changes, and there are thousands of chemical changes in the body. Many people are even given life long medication because of the bodily changes from the habitual use of a destructive emotion.

The good news is that there is a way to retrain your body to reverse the "Stress Interference cycle". Zone Healing works by stimulating/adjusting specific spinal cord levels that correspond with associated centers in the brain. It stops the "fight or flight" cycle and allows the brain to return to normal function. As the brain returns to normal, it directs each system of the body to also return to normal.


Initially several diagnostic tests are used to find Zone disturbances. Visit by visit your Zone Doctor will push on the six spots on the back of your head that have nerve connections to each Zone. One or more of the 6 spots will be tender to the touch, if there is a disturbance in 1 of the 6 systems of the body. Your Zone Doctor will then check the corresponding nerve channels in your back for subluxation, causing a lack of energy to your organs or tissues


Stimulating/adjusting the corresponding nerve points in your back, allows the proper information to flow from the brain to the organs and tissues, as well as the vital information coming from the organs to the brain. This allows nerve signals to flow freely back and forth from the brain to the body. This communication is what creates health in your body. This means tissues that may have been damaged or not functioned properly in the past have a much better chance of repairing themselves.


ZONE HEALING specializes in allowing the brain to communicate 100% nerve signals to the tissues or organs allowing it to FUNCTION normally and repair. A lack of nerve supply in your body is what creates disease. In order to understand this you must know that there are two classifications of disease: Organic and Functional.

Organic- An actual problem with the tissues making up the organ.

Functional- An organ or tissue is structurally fine, it's just not getting the proper energy it needs. When the organ is deprived of the nerve signals that it needs, it begins to FUNCTION less than 100%, causing a diseased state.

Most disease can be classified as functional and not organic. This means that a diseased organ or tissue just needs the proper healthy signals from the brain. Zone Healing specializes in restoring the proper nerve signals to the organs to create healthy function in the body. When the healthy signals are amplified, your body by law returns to health.


Unhealthy nutrition- Improper balanced meals creates an unhealthy internal environment and deprives the body of its "fuel". Too much of one group of food creates chemical stress for the body. We are high performance "machines" that require high performance fuel. Healthy eating has become seriously confused with fad diets and bottled nutrition. You will be taught how to properly balance meals, which is easy and very inexpensive.

Pharmaceuticals/Over the counter Medications/Drugs- Our society teaches that when we are sick it's because our body doesn't have enough chemicals or can't take care of itself. This could not be further from the truth. We create more chemicals than all the drug companies combined. The chronic use of drugs creates a massive chemical stress on our body making it dependent on outside help. This creates weak immune function and less resistance to disease.


Lack of Movement- It is a false belief that movement causes arthritis and pain, it's actually lack of movement that causes pain and disease. Improper movement creates poor circulation and poor distribution of nutrients to our body. This is one of the biggest physical stressors in our society.

Accidents, falls, repetitive injuries are examples of physical forces that can affect the human body in a detrimental way. When there is an over load of physical stress this will cause a Zone disturbance.


Destructive emotions such as Fear, Worry, Anger, Jealousy, Hate, all have physical effects on the body. To illustrate this, let us assume that we take a physically healthy individual to their yearly "check-up" and see that all vital signs are normal. She then leaves the office only to find out that her car, purse, and bank account numbers were all stolen, and her entire checking and savings account has been withdrawn. She becomes very angry. Immediately her blood pressure rises, digestive glands stop, muscles tighten, adrenal glands increase, etc. We then take her back for another physical that same day and all of the sudden the Doctor finds that she has an increase risk of heart disease, an over worked adrenal, poor functioning thyroid, as well as severe menstrual cramps. Sound familiar? These are common symptoms and are all effects of the body, none of which are the real cause of her problem. If we medicate her for these symptoms we only take care of the effects. Zone Healing specializes in removing the cause.